BETWEEN Wierszalin


We have been working with Teatr Wierszalin since 2012.  We have brought four of Piotr Tomaszuk’s productions in Sopot, including Wierszalin. Reportaż o końcu świata, Bóg Niżyńskiego, Wszystkich świętych. Zabłudowski cud. We all remember the chilly evening on the beach in Sopot when the company performed Traktat o manekinach, based on Bruno Schulz’s stories. We still use the remarkable photograph from that evening as one of our core images.


But the presence of Teatr Wierszalin at the Between.Pomiędzy Festival has never just been about performances. There have been discussions, conversations, presentations of radio plays, and a workshop/theatre laboratory called Learning to Fly. We wrote about Wierszalin in our Almanach for 2015. In it, you’ll find not only conversations with Piotr Tomaszuk, Katarzyna Siergiej and Dariusz Matys, but also a translation into English of a chapter of Włodzimierz Pawluczuk’s novel Judasz, which is closely connected with the material underlying some of Wierszalin’s work. (Pawluczuk has also been a festival guest on two occasions.)


In March 2017, among their performances in the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, Wierszalin showed an advance copy of a dual-language edition of Historyja o Chwalebnym Zmartwychwstaniu Pańskim by Mikołaj of Wilkowiecko, in Piotr Tomaszuk’s adaptation. The translation into English is by David Malcolm, and the book is edited and introduced by Tomasz Wiśniewski, who also oversaw the entire project. Copies will be available during the Festival. During the Festival there will be a workshop on and a reading of parts of The Historie of the Lord’s Glorious Resurrection with Jon McKenna and Martin Blaszk (Teatr Boto, 21 May, at 17.00).


On 21 May at 19.00, we take you to the border of two worlds. On the Scena Kameralna of Teatr Wybrzeże, there will be a performance of Wierszalin’s latest play, Adam Mickiewicz’s Dziady – Noc Pierwszą. We will visit a world of Romanticism, a time and a place when fragments, remnants, the incomplete became central. After the performance, Katarzyna Kręglewska will lead a discussion with Piotr Tomaszuk and the actors on the challenges of the fourth part of Dziady.