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04 Dec

Call for Papers – BETWEEN.POMIĘDZY 2016

An International Literary and Theatrical Festival/Conference
Sopot, Gdańsk, Gdynia
Festival 16-22 May 2016/Conference 19-21 May 2016

The theme of this year’s festival and the title of this year’s conference is EXPERIMENT
Conference – EXPERIMENT
Experiment and issues connected with it have long been part of the literary landscape. “The majority of the following poems are to be considered as experiments,” wrote Wordsworth in 1798. “But my writing is simply a set of experiments in life,” wrote George Eliot in 1876. “I would think that while I am a traditional writer – I have no interest in experiment for experiment’s sake – I actually think that the real experiment is a constant experiment, and that’s the experiment of the voice, of the way of seeing,” said John McGahern in 1979. In the introduction to his influential anthology The New Poetry (1962), A. Alvarez uses the term freely of the poetry of “Eliot and the rest.” Francis Booth uses it, of course, in his recent study Among Those Left: The British Experimental Novel, 1940-1980 (2012).
The nature and existence of experiment in prose, verse, and drama are the stuff of literary history, analysis, and interpretation. Who or what is conservative, even an epigone; who or what is avant garde and pushing the envelope? But there are questions to be asked. Does the notion make sense? When does an adoption of tradition mark radical experimentation? How rapidly does experiment become automatized and downright dull? What of the experimental literature of past centuries?

We invite papers that consider experiment. We are particularly interested in papers that examine the term in a theoretical and literary/theatrical-historical context, in papers that deal with the work of particular experimental writers, groups of writers or theatre-makers, in papers that find experiment where few might expect it. When does innovative subject matter make for experiment? Or is it just (just!) technique?
While we wish to concentrate on English-language writing (verse, drama, fiction, and non-fiction), theatre, and film, we are open to proposals that look at experiment in the context of painting and other visual arts, and in relation to languages other than English.

Our conference on EXPERIMENT, which will take place from 19 to 21 May 2016, will be part of the BETWEEN.POMIĘDZY international festival of literature and theatre held in Sopot, Gdańsk, and Gdynia from 16 to 22 May 2016. This is the seventh annual festival/ conference organized by BETWEEN.POMIĘDZY. For information on previous festivals/ conferences, see


Please send 250-word abstracts for papers by 1 March 2016 to
The conference/festival fee is 100 euros (accommodation not included).
For further information, please contact us at
Professor David Malcolm
Dr Monika Szuba
Dr Tomasz Wiśniewski

03 Mar

Conference 2014

This year’s conference will have two focuses:

1.  forms of beginning and opening: technique, device, narrative structure, language that drive literature in new directions;

2.    the literature of the last thirty years – especially prose and poetry.

We invite proposals for papers that address the two focuses above – on the literature of Scotland of the past thirty years, and on new poetic and narrative forms, new ways of expression that are beginnings and openings.

The conference will be held on 14–16 May 2014 in Sopot and Gdańsk.

Please send 250-word abstracts for papers by 1 March 2014 to

The conference/festival fee is 100 euro (accommodation not included).

For further information, please contact us at

Professor  David Malcolm

Dr Monika Szuba

Dr Tomasz Wiśniewski


03 Mar

A meeting with MARCELLO MAGNI (Complicite)



A conversation with MARCELLO MAGNI (Complicite)

MARCELLO MAGNI is a co-founder of Complicite. He was trained at the Jacques Lecoq school in Paris and has worked closely with Peter Brook, Simon McBurney and other major directors.

On 28 November 2013 in the Two Windows Theatre in Gdańsk a seminar was held. The seminar began with a presentation of Act Without Words II from the BECKETT ON FILM project. The film was produced in 2001, stars Pat Kinevane and Marcello Magni, and was directed by Enda Hughes. This was followed by a discussion on various productions of Beckett’s plays in which MARCELLO MAGNI has been involved, including Enda Hughes’ Act Without Words II; Peter Brook’s Fragments; and Complicite’s Endgame. The seminar aimed at sketching possible non-canonical readings of Samuel Beckett’s work, exploring the specificity of Beckett’s humour, outlining his use of theatre traditions, and discussing the impact of Beckett’s artistic innovations on contemporary theatre.

The seminar was organised by BETWEEN.POMIĘDZY and the Beckett Research Group at the University of Gdańsk, in co-operation with the Two Windows Theatre, the Art Foundation Un Gusto A Miel. It was conducted by Dr Tomasz Wiśniewski of the University of Gdańsk.