The Fragment Seminar

Between.Pomiędzy – 2017


What are the currency and functions of the literary fragment? What constitutes it? How do we recognize it? How does it relate to any whole? Are some forms and genres inherently fragmentary? What writers cultivate the fragment? Who attempts to augment it? Are some times more prone to fragments than others? Are fragments good or bad for you?

We will address all this – and more.

Seminarium Fragment/The Fragment Seminar – Neofilologia/Modern Languages Building, University of Gdańsk – 18 May 2017 – 09.00-16.00 – Room 272

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David Malcolm/Monika Szuba


In general:

Julian Wolfreys (University of Portsmouth) “The ‘Logic of the Hedgehog’: Radical Modernity or, Expropriation (as such)”



Ann-Marie Einhaus (University of Northumbria) “Fragments of a Modern War: The Short Story and the First World War”

Wojciech Drąg (University of Wrocław) “Microfictions, Characterisation and New Sincerity”

Joanna Morawska (University of Gdańsk) “A Fragment As a Whole – Structure and Narration in Flesh and Blood by Michèle Roberts”

Miłosz Wojtyna (University of Gdańsk) “Aborted Worlds: Short Fiction and the Master Text”



Jerzy Jarniewicz (University of Łódź/University of Warsaw) “‘A Small Excerpt from a Larger One’: Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Garden of Incompletion”

Wolfgang Görtschacher (University of Salzburg) “Derek Walcott and His Poetics of Fragments”

Monika Szuba (University of Gdańsk) “Green Notebooks, or Fragments of the Luminous Field”

David Malcolm (University of Gdańsk) “After Ovid, after Homer, after Quintilius, behind Smith: Disruptive Fragments in Contemporary British Narrative Poetry”


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