The Tenth Festival of Literature and Theatre Between.Pomiędzy

The tenth edition of the Festival of Literature and Theatre Between.Pomiędzy will be held from May 13-19, 2019 in Sopot and the adjoining cities of Gdańsk and Gdynia. The theme of this year’s festival is Island. When considered literally, this may call to mind Ireland’s outstanding artists; however, we remain open to other, less obvious readings. In literature, or, more broadly, art, we are looking for metaphorical and symbolic interpretations of the island. In this context, we might think about the space of the stage, or when we are heading towards a treasure island – and what that might mean for us today: A dreamland? The unknown? The unnameable? The beach? Or even the magical land locked within Prospero’s mind? We invite younger and more experienced artists from Poland and abroad to take part in the festival. We also welcome the participation of literary and theatre scholars, and those engaged in research within the humanities and other disciplines, including the natural sciences. The main purpose of our festival is, after all, to provide a space for discussion, linking the worlds of art and of the university, so that we might leave our studios, offices and laboratories to enter into the space of everyday life that surrounds us. As with previous years, we cannot be totally sure in what direction the adventure will take us, but we warmly invite you to join us.


Our invitation is open to students, doctoral students, scholars, researchers, scientists, artists and anyone interested in developing a working – as well as accessible – discussion at the intersection of literature, theatre and science. Central to this undertaking are questions relating to the laboratory – a specific cognitive island – within which both artists and researchers from the natural and experimental sciences can come face to face. This being the case, we would like to open up this year’s festival to the possibilities that exist in a comparison of practical (including workshop) laboratory experiments. In this way, we hope to find points of contact between the sometimes complementary, but also very diverse cognitive perspectives mentioned above. We invite you to participate in a joint discussion among representatives of various artistic and academic environments.