Maps 2018

Ninth Between.Pomiędzy Festival of Literature and Theatre

What interest me are territories far off the mainstream, borderlands, the margins and the back roads of culture, associations and contexts that at first glance aren’t obvious, as Bystroń put it ‘topics that I’ve been warned to stay well away from.’

Monika Sznajderman, translated by David Malcolm.

Maps are the theme of the 2018 Between.Pomiędzy Festival of Literature and Theatre, taking place in the week of 14-20 May. The Festival, with its now nine-year history, has outlined its own special kind of cultural geography, which this year turns our attention irresistibly towards borderlands and creative fringes, un-obvious contexts and forgotten landscapes. Maps stimulate the imagination of the traveller. Through encounters with literature, music and theatre – as well as other forms of art – we find ourselves involved in adventures of a more or less clearly metaphorical kind. The Between.Pomiędzy Festival provides an opportunity for the research carried out within the Faculty of Languages of Gdańsk University to be brought in a practical way into the public space. In the course of the Festival’s history, Sopot’s sunny pier and beaches have frequently become the scene of animated conversation, in which school, university and doctoral students engage with experienced scholars and recognised artists, and even sometimes with chance passers-by. For the Festival from its inception has provided a space of meeting, and its whole point is this “liveness”. A feature of this year’s Festival is the “residency” of Czarne Publishing House, which provides the opportunity for a series of conversations with Monika Sznajderman and meetings with Andrzej Stasiuk, as well as a chance to hear the latter in concert with Mikołaj Trzaska. The Festival includes translations into English of parts of Sznajderman’s and Stasiuk’s texts, and of stories by Zygmunt Haupt. Though most events take place in Sopot, other parts of the Tricity, among them the Baltic Campus of Gdańsk University, where the Festival Opening will take place, are also involved. The Festival programme includes performances in Polish on the Main Stage of Teatr Wybrzeże (Mapa i terytorium – Map and Territory) and on the Little Stage of Teatr Muzyczny (Krwawe gody Blood Wedding). In turn, several days of theatre workshops run jointly by Teatr Gdynia Główna and Brazil’s Máskara Theatre will conclude with a public display. Some events – especially those of an academic character – are conducted in English. Many outstanding figures from Poland and abroad are among the Festival’s guests. Where do they come from? Wioleta Fiuk, Bogusław Żyłko and Małgorzata Czermińska from various parts of the Tricity. Robson Corrȇa de Camargo – with his groups of five actor/researchers– from Goiânia in Brazil. Michael Edwards from Paris. Stanley Gontarski from Tallahassee, Wolfgang Görtschacher from Salzburg, Octavian Saiu from Bucharest. Jon McKenna from London, Jonathan Heron from Warwick, and Nicholas Johnson from Dublin. Piotr Tomaszuk from Supraśl. Zbigniew Benedyktowicz, Małgorzata Grzegorzewska and Paweł Potoroczyn from Warsaw. Przemysław Czapliński and Maciej Rychły from Poznań. Jarosław Fret from Wrocław, Zbigniew Kulik from Karpacz, and Wojciech Zieliński from Szczecin. Monika Sznajderman and Andrzej Stasiuk come from Wołowiec, passing through Sopot on their way to Warsaw.

Continuing the formula worked out during previous editions, the 2018 Festival provides a space of creative encounter for its guests and participants in which artists, theatre specialists, literary scholars and lovers of contemporary art from Poland and abroad can meet and talk. One very special attraction of this year’s festival is the world premiėre of the miniature …but the clouds…, based on the workshop experimentation of the world-leading Samuel Beckett scholar S.E. Gontarski. Finally, we also welcome you to our reading room, Młody Byron café in Dworek Sierakowskich, where you can enjoy looking at the publications connected with the festival over a cup of excellent coffee.

Tomasz Wiśniewski, David Malcolm, Katarzyna Kręglewska and Jean Ward


  • 10 meetings with authors and discussions of their work
  • 8 theatre performances
  • 6 jazz (and other) concerts
  • 3 performance-readings
  • 3 film showings
  • 2 exhibitions
  • 1 radio drama
  • 1 happening
  • 1 world première
  • 24 hours of workshops
  • 24 academic conference hours