06 May


Workshop with Julian Wolfreys
21 May 2016 9:30-11:00
University of Gdańsk, Faculty of Languages

In this workshop on poetry, we will examine how the experience of the everyday offers the materials for experiments:
• in perception
• temporality
• the self-world relation
• the translation of the world by the eye and other senses,
In asking you to consider these aspects you will be expected to choose between 3-5 events, phenomena or objects you have encountered in your daily lives. In choosing these, consider
• why these drew your attention
• what was out of the ordinary
• why have they remained with you
Ask yourself: what is the relation between the mundane and everyday, and the unusual?
In taking these examples, consider and try to map out connections between them, even if none seem to exist at first glance. In order to engage with the process think about the role of the poet: how is the poet both translator and medium for the phenomenal world? In what ways, are our minds the ground for experiment?
We will work on how language is a place of experiment for representing experience.

Apply at: monika.szuba@ug.edu.pl

BETWEEN poetry workshop.pdf

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