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The main theme of the University of Gdańsk Samuel Beckett Seminar in 2016 is:
The seminar will take place from 17 to 18 May 2016 in Sopot/Gdańsk, Poland. We would like to invite both scholars and artists who wish to approach the theme in their own ways to join us. Discussions will concern prose, drama and poetry, with special emphasis laid on shifts in the status of the experimental Beckett throughout the years. What was innovative in the 1950s is not necessarily seen as such at present. For this reason our seminar is open to a discussion of how innovative solutions proposed by Beckett have been re-adapted in various parts of the globe after his death. We are particularly interested in less known – one may perhaps say marginal – examples.
Our annual round-table discussion will concentrate on Breath. There will be a special session in which we will discuss aesthetic analogies and discrepancies between the work of Samuel Beckett and that of TADEUSZ KANTOR. We feel that despite obvious visual and conceptual parallels between these giants of the 20th-century theatre, their work needs further academic investigation from a comparative perspective. When inviting papers on this subject, we take the opportunity to announce that the theatre director, David Gothard, who brought both Beckett and Kantor to work in the Riverside Studios in London in the 1980s, has already accepted our invitation to take part in our seminar.

Guest speakers for 2016 include: S. E. GONTARSKI and DAVID GOTHARD. Besides, there will be a special panel in which noted Polish poets, including OLGA KUBIŃSKA, JACEK GUTOROW and KRZYSZTOF KUCZKOWSKI, will discuss Beckett’s work.

The seminar will be part of the BETWEEN.POMIĘDZY festival of literature and theatre held in Sopot, Gdańsk, and Gdynia from 16 to 22 May 2016. This is the seventh annual festival organized by BETWEEN.POMIĘDZY. For information on previous festivals, see www.between.org.pl
Please send 250-word abstracts for papers by 1 March 2016 to beckett@ug.edu.pl
The conference fee is 100 euros (accommodation not included).
For further information, please contact us at beckett@ug.edu.pl.
The University of Gdańsk Samuel Beckett Seminars have been organized every year since 2010. They have been attended by scholars and artists from various parts of the world and have resulted in several publications. Guest speakers have included: Antoni Libera, Irena Jun, Marcello Magni (Theatre de Complicite), Douglas Rintoul (Transport Theatre), Professor S.E. Gontarski (USA), Professor Enoch Brater (USA), Professor H. Porter Abbott (USA), Professor Derek Attridge (United Kingdom), and Dr Mark Nixon (Beckett International Foundation). Professor S.E. Gontarski is the honorary patron of the research group.

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